Thursday 17 November 2016

The Doppelgangers - The Way of The World

The Doppelgangers performing 'The Way of The World' live at de Vrankrijk & de Vondelbunker during Free Fringe Festival Amsterdam 2016 Psychedelic Night.


Sometimes things don’t make sense
For being good there’s no recompense
Of a loving God there’s no evidence
It's just the Way of the World

Sometimes people don’t think straight
They wanna run when they should wait
Love doesn’t always conquer Hate
It's just the Way of the World

Like an isolated soldier
Who don’t know the war is over
You guard an empty tomb
And you’ve left yourself no room
To maneuver

Fair ships on ragged rocks get wrecked
The good they get it in the neck
But what the fuck do you expect?
It's just the Way of the World

Some kinda people don’t have no Soul
Where there should be one there’s a big black hole
It’s more common than you think if the truth be told
It's just the Way of the World

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