Sunday 7 December 2014

Free Charles Byrne - The Irish Giant


When ordinary, decent people are made aware of Charles Byrne and his predicament their sense of Justice is offended. Because of his physical difference, Charles Byrne – The Irish Giant, has been condemned to be displayed in a glass case ad infinitum, somewhere within the hallowed halls of the Royal College of Surgeons in London. Charles Byrne’s skeleton has been standing among freakish exhibits such as two-headed goats and syphilitic penises in formaldehyde for more than two hundred years.

 CHARLES BYRNE - THE TIME HAS COME TO LET HIM GO So, if you ever visit London you should certainly visit The Hunterian Museum. Admission is free. Unlike Charles Byrne who remains incarcerated in his glass coffin. Legend has it that if you put your ear up to the glass case in which Charles Byrne, the Irish Giant is interned you can hear him whisper these three words - “ Let me go”. And we, ordinary, decent people agree. It’s time to let him go.


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