Monday 19 May 2014

FAY'S FILM FESTIVAL 2014, Open for Proposals

Proposals for Fay's Film Festival are open until August 1st 2014! So, if you have a film or animation what are you waiting for? E-mail a link of your film via YouTube, Vimeo, WeTransfer or DropBox to our artistic director Fay Heady at fayheady[at]

We are always delighted to see new works and meet artists, animators and film-makers.  Fay Heady also curates the animated content on the weekly arts & culture TV show FUTURE VISION AMSTERDAM, making this an opportunity you simply don't want to miss.

This year Fay's Festival has grown even bigger and better than ever and will be hosted at the 'gezellig' venue De Nieuwe Anita on September 7th 2014 as part of Free Fringe Festival Amsterdam. Expect extraordinary animations and film in every conceivable style. From 3D to traditional drawn 2D, Puppet, Stop-Motion, Anime and more, the programme includes something for everyone. So far we have cutting-edge cartoons from Japan, China, Estonia, England and Holland. 

Selected films will be in good company. We are honoured to announce that this year will be screenings of animations by contempory Shanghai artist Lu Yang, whose unique mix of biology, Manga and ‘Sci-Fine Art’ is currently taking the world by storm. She is widely regarded as one of the best contemporary Asian artists, being voted one of the top 3 Chinese Artists by publications such as TIME OUT and BLOUIN ART. Eri Kinoshita's new film will also be screening for the first time outside of Japan. Her film 欒 RAN uses a labour intensive hand-stitched animation technique which is simply awe-inspiring. We also have the Stop-Motion film ANIMAL BOOK by Chris Randall which has a style and charm that gives Tim Burton a run for his money. This will also your chance to see the very weird ALL CONSUMING LOVE (MAN IN A CAT) before it shows on MTV’s Liquid TV. To top it all off the gorgeous new episode of KIMONO & CHIBBY CHAN will also be screened for the very first time, ever! The fabulous GIRLY MAN will also be premiering.

With all kinds of other wonderous films to be announced, stay tuned for updates on Fay's Film Festival and many other Free Fringe Festival Amsterdam events all for FREE from 4 - 14 September 2014 at

Submissions for Fay's Film Festival are open until August 1st 2014! 
Submit a link to your film to our artistic director Fay Heady at fayheady[at]

See you at Fay's Film Festival at De Nieuwe Anita on September 7th 2014 in Amsterdam!

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